How to make private hospitals accountable.


purchase gabapentin If we implement ethical medicare platform throughout nation and all doctors labs patients and chemists are bound to use this system than it will increase accountability in all of them. Whatever medicines a doctor prescribes, surgery he prescribes and treatment he offers is recorded in the system because his prescription is recorded in the system. He will always be up to date and treat patients even more cautiously.

go to site We can make sure that similar IPD – Indoor Patient system which is already in final stages with us be implemented in the hospitals as well so that what ever happens there is also recorded and this systems control always remain with the patient. He is the one granting access to doctors and labs so no one can alter thing is the record. In critical care units of hospitals we will make sure each file of patient before closing is reviewed by two doctors and even on closure is again reviewed by independent auditor. This will certainly enhance critical care transparency and ethics.

We are not against anyone but we are certainly trying our best to revive ethics and giving them a new life !

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