12 Reasons to Choose Ethical Medicare for Your Online Doctor Consultations

follow link Online medical consultations are fast catching up with people from all walks of life, since busy work schedules, time consuming appointments or nauseating hospital feeling, none will make you skip the important consultation you need with a health specialist. If you too are looking forward to consult a doctor online in Punjab or to get […]

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Are You Looking For An Online Medical Consultant?

source url Health is wealth and to this end, many people start following health and fitness regimes at early stages to have a better immunity and physical fitness. But health conscious or not, every other person faces one major challenge – ‘How/Where to find the best doctor or medical consultant?’ or ‘How do I know if he/she […]

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How to make private hospitals accountable.


go If we implement ethical medicare platform throughout nation and all doctors labs patients and chemists are bound to use this system than it will increase accountability in all of them. Whatever medicines a doctor prescribes, surgery he prescribes and treatment he offers is recorded in the system because his prescription is recorded in the system. […]

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