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About Ethical Medical Care

go here Ethical Medicare is a state of the art healthcare portal, born with an objective to introduce a proactive approach towards human healthcare and wellness. The impetus for this move is to improve patient care by giving them valuable insights into their personal health. Our goal is to transform medical care through modern technology and provide access to global healthcare initiatives, while evolving with the ever-changing market. With this robust online platform, we offer personalized and secure access to information, data and medical records to patients, doctors and medical labs follow link find best doctors online.

http://datasciencemelbourne.com/datathon2016/wp-includes/certificates/social-security-records-locations-ca.html We witnessed several challenges faced by doctors, patients and medical labs, such as patients striving to get a clear picture of their medical status, doctors finding it hard to get complete access to patient’s medical history, tests, reports etc. and medical labs struggling to manage vast database of reports.

Simplifying the complete medical care process, our portal provides following benefits

  • View results of select lab work or other tests
  • Request for online consultations by reliable doctors through audio, video and chats
  • View and/or download portions of your medical record
  • Track medical visits to different doctors
  • View your active medication list, allergies, immunizations and more
  • Rate different medical practitioners and share reviews
  • Easy Management of personal health records & medical records for your complete family
  • Improved patient care, without any geographical barriers

Our Core Strength

  • 24×7 Online Consultation with Doctors through Chat and Video Conference
  • Lab tests reports for approximately 700+ tests
  • Powerful Medical Record Keeping System with Complete Backup and Data Encryption
  • User-friendlily Interface, Genuine Ratings & Trusted Reviews
  • Completely Ethical and Transparent Platform (No option to delete or edit, once prescriptions or reports are punched)
  • Cost-efficient Solutions. Saves Time, Saves Money & Saves Life Too (Special Packages and discounts for economically weaker sections)


Get your Online Doctor Consultations 24/7 and 365 Days. Access your health information conveniently online

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