About Ethical Medicare

Working together to ensure high quality delivery

  • Ethical Medicare is an SAAS based software that maintains patient records online 24x7
  • Doctors, Patients and Labs have access to the latest patient records, reports and history
  • 100% safe, transparent and ethical with easy to use interface
  • Lab report formats for over 700 lab reports, lab owners can publish reports FREE!
  • Built-in Doctor Rating & Review System.
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Online Services

Our simple and robust online software is an asset to provide ethical medical care to patients by the doctors and medical labs on a single platform to punch-in, access, to store and share medical records online. Integrated with features and functionalities to provide complete automation to manage health records, patient history, prescriptions, consultation history, test reports and more, Ethical Medicare services are readily available to patients, doctors and path labs. Read More
Welcome to Ethical Medicare’s Online Doctor Consultation. With over thousands of doctors listed on our online panel, from specialists to surgeons, dieticians to healthcare professionals, you can find online solution to your problems. Read More
Remote OPD will serve as a single source solution for specialized medical care needs in remote locations. You tell us which doctor you want us to arrange for a Remote Counseling, we will do that. To facilitate the best of medical care services for patients in distant areas, Remote OPD will help patients who cannot afford to travel long distances or require immediate medical attention. Read More



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